About Me

My passion for traveling ignited when I spent a summer studying in London. After I graduated from college, I immediately went back to London and lived in a huge Victorian house with a dozen other travelers, working in a pub and a coffee shop by day and rambling around the city’s streets by night.

When my work visa expired, I reluctantly returned to the U.S. and searched for ways to continue funding my travels. Since the day I flew home from that trip, travel has shaped and defined my life. The desire to stay on the road led to my career as an English as a Second Language teacher, a job that is plentiful in the U.S. and can also offset the cost of travel and living expenses for those who wish to live abroad.

As a teacher, I have lived and worked in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, and then (because I loved it so much the first time) Vietnam again. I’ve traveled through almost 40 countries and I often feel like I’m just getting started.

I met my future husband in Japan, and we explored the world together for years. We’ve been married now for almost 15 years, and for the last seven, Manhattan has been our home. New York is not only an excellent base to travel from, it also provides a constant view of different worlds for those times when adventures need to be found closer to home. I still teach English, now to the lovely diversity of international college students who stream into New York City every year.

Even though I have a permanent home now, travel is still an important part of my life. At Hip to Hip, I want to share my experiences – old and new – and I also want to encourage people to explore the exotic within their own city, to get out of their comfort zones as often as possible, and to make connections with people around the world through travel.

I’ll share every opportunity I get to hit the road, whether it’s to my hometown in Central New York, or to one of the endless countries I want to visit. Sri Lanka, Colombia, Tanzania, and Morocco come to mind, but ask me tomorrow and I may have an entirely different list. Happy travels!

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